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İconScuba Doo Underwater Scooter

Scuba Doo is an underwater scooter basically that you control and drive around under water seeing all there is to see at your leisure. This a great activity for you to do when going to the outer Barrier Reef for the day with great adventures .You have the freedom to wear your glasses and breathe in air without having to use a mouth piece regulator. The age limits are 14 years old to 55 years old..This underwater activity does not require any particular skills apart from the participants having an open mind and a sense of adventure. You will however be required to undergo a brief medical check before participating.. Each tour is approximately 20 minutes and you will be accompanied by a scuba diving instructor to ensure you head in the right direction and they can also point out all of the things of interest around you.  A photographer will also be under the water taking pictures of not only other scuba divers and snorkelers but also of yourself riding your scooter. If you wear contact lenses or glasses no problem as you are sitting on the scooter underneath a helmet dome and your eyes and face will not be in the water at all enabling you to see all the corals and marine life around you thru the clear Perspex window.The air is supplied to the Scuba Doo from the scooters tank that is located on its frame and the battery life of the scooter is around 1.5 hours. This helmet dome provides you with a 180 degree view of your reef surroundings so you just scoot along and take it all in. No exertion or effort is required on this tour you do not even need to know how to swim to see the Great Barrier Reef from under the water.  

To drive the scooter all you do is hold the aircraft style steering wheel and turn it in the direction you wish to go. For it to start you push the button on the right hand side and then it will move forwards.

You will be going down to depths of 4 metres and you will be cruising along with the freedom of just you your cozzies and the water so not heavy tanks or anything else to think about.

After doing the Scuba Doo you can carry on to have a rest on the beach to chill,relax and sunbathe as a lazy day at Help Beach..!!

  PS : Please let us know if you like to make your booking on different time...!!!!


Scuba Doo Underwater Scooter

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Pick-Up Time

Ovacık/Hisaronu : 13:15, Oludeniz : 13:00, Çalış : 13:15, Fethiye : 13:30


Transfers,Equipments,Instruction,20min Scooba Doo,Insurance


Drinks,Scuba Doo CD

Price : £ 32 597 TL
$ 43
€ 38